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An Inclusive Roadside Assistance Service That Picks Everyone Up

Inclusive towing and accessible transportation solutions.

An Inclusive Roadside Assistance Service That Picks Everyone Up

Inclusive towing and accessible transportation solutions.

An Inclusive Roadside Assistance Service That Picks Everyone Up

Inclusive towing and accessible transportation solutions.


Roadside Assistance That Prioritizes Your Needs

You might not be able to climb into a tow truck, but that doesn’t mean you deserve to get left behind when your vehicle breaks down. We understand this is a real fear and frustration for many people with mobility challenges. That’s why we’re here—to pick you up when you need it most.

Mobility Roadside Assistance is the first full-service roadside assistance program in the United States and Canada that specifically focuses on the needs of drivers with physical disabilities, their families, vehicles and equipment. Not only do we send a tow truck, we send accessible transportation to safely get you where you have to go.


Our Mission

Restore dignity and provide peace of mind to the 85 million people with mobility challenges in the United States and Canada.

We Are:

  • A fully vetted company for DisabilityIn.org
  • A certified DOBE (Disability-Owned Business Enterprise)
  • A certified VOB (Veteran Owned Business)
  • On the board of NEMTAC (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission)
  • On the board of NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association)

Membership Options

We have several membership options for you and your unique needs. Find a plan that fits your life and get peace of mind while on the road.

Coverage Plans

Our services are tailored to you.
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Already have a roadside assistance plan with another provider? We still have you covered.

Add wheelchair-accessible transportation to ANY roadside assistance coverage plan.

Adaptive Assistance | $189/year
  • Accessible Transportation
  • Lift and Ramp Technical Assistance
  • Wheelchair or Scooter Assistance
Complimentary Support

A Little More About Us

Who Is Mobility Roadside Assistance For?
We provide inclusive roadside assistance that is adapted to the needs of anyone who either struggles to get into a tow truck, prefers to ride in a separate vehicle or travels with more than two more people.
How Does It Work?
If your vehicle breaks down, we will provide inclusive towing and accessible transportation that can fit the unique needs of any passenger or group up to 11 people.
Who Are Our Members?
Our members are people with disabilities, seniors, caregivers, families and anyone who needs to transport more than two people. We are proud and honored to serve many veterans with disabilities.

From Our Members


Following are some of the 5-star reviews we got

I am a paraplegic and I got the towing fully expecting that I would never have to use it. Well in March I had a blowout on the interstate. When we called Mobility Roadside Assistance for assistance, I explained that I’m in a wheelchair and I was with my wife and son.

They sent a tow truck and paratransit assistance, coordinated the whole thing and delivered all of us safely to a tire store. Everything was taken care of by Mobility Roadside including the repair of our tire and we were back on the road within 2 hours.

B. Gibbs

I ran off the road in Oregon in order to avoid an accident. My van got stuck on the median, and since I am in a wheelchair, I could not get out due to the mud and water. I called Mobility Roadside Assistance for help and within 20 minutes my tow truck got to me and towed me out before the state trooper’s tow truck even came out. I was on my way within 45 minutes.

M. Frunz

I had an experience with two flat tires at the same time. I called Mobility Roadside Assistance, explained my dilemma to the operator, and he asked me if I was alright and if I needed any help beyond fixing my tires. I explained I was in my wheelchair and had my wife and son with me.

The company called a paratransit company and they picked us up at the same time the tow truck took our vehicle. The van dropped us off at the tire store and everything was paid for. We were back on the road within two hours, happy we decided to purchase a Mobility Roadside Assistance contract.

Bob G.


Full Coverage That Gets You Back on the Road

We’re proud to provide safe, convenient inclusive towing and accessible transportation services for you and your family.

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