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EDMONDS, Wash., Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — More than 74 million mobility challenged Americans can now access inclusive emergency roadside assistance services and a travel concierge with the Mobility Solutions app – all through an Adaptive Monthly membership. This custom app and line of services were created by Mobility Support Solutions, the largest mobility roadside assistance provider in the United States and Canada.

“We’ve seen the struggles our mobility challenged community faces on the road – especially when traveling. Whether it’s arriving at a hotel with no wheelchair access or trying to crawl in the cab of a tow truck, we have a serious accessibility issue – our Mobility Solutions Assistant app is going to change this,” said Marcus Norton, Mobility Support Solutions Chief Revenue Officer. “Mobility Support Solutions believes people with mobility challenges should have inclusive emergency roadside assistance and travel services that prioritize their needs, providing support and safety wherever they go.”

With three levels of Adaptive Monthly memberships – Adaptive Basic, Adaptive Plus and Adaptive Premium – the Mobility Solutions Assistant app enables users to interact directly with a team that provides emergency roadside services and comprehensive travel resources including: 

  • Accessible transportation 
  • Winching and extraction 
  • Technical lift assistance 
  • Tire repair and replacement 
  • Towing, jump start and lockout support 
  • Gas and delivery services 
  • Auto deductible reimbursement 
  • Travel planning and research 
  • City guides and recommendations 
  • Weather and traffic conditions 
  • Restaurant reservations

Along with people who have mobility challenges such as wheelchair users, seniors, caregivers and those with disabilities, the Mobility Solutions Assistant app also provides support for families with small children and car seats.

To become an Adaptive Monthly member and get access to the app, go to MobilityRoadsideAssistance.com/Assistant

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