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Don’t Lose Your Accessible Transportation and Towing Service!

Discover below why Mobility Roadside Assistance is the ONLY option for your accessible van.


Traditional roadside assistance prioritizes the vehicle, Mobility Roadside Assistance prioritizes people.
We not only provide a tow truck if your vehicle breaks down, but we send an accessible van for you and your passengers.
Mobility Roadside Assistance stands alone in its value for those with mobility challenges.

Without Mobility Roadside your options are…

1. Try to climb into a tow truck.
2. Ride in the vehicle on the flatbed of the tow truck. Not safe!
3. Find another ride.

What you get with MRA Adaptive™

Our ADAPTIVE™ service is for individuals that want towing and wheelchair accessible transportation for them and passengers in 1 vehicle.

paratransit assistance for you and your passengers

Accessible Transportation

Accessible Transportation

You will not be left stranded if your vehicle breaks down for any reason, anywhere and at anytime. In an event you need us, we will coordinate the towing and accessible transportation services to your location. You, your passengers and your equipment will be transported somewhere safe … even if it’s 25 miles away!

lift and ramp service by a qualified technician

Lift and Ramp Service

Lift and Ramp service

If your lift gate or ramp stops functioning or is functions badly, not to worry, we’ll send a technician to your location to help. If that isn’t possible we will arrange a phone consultation. We use technical assistance from local dealers or if a dealer can’t, authorized pros. That way your equipment warranty is safe.

wheelchair and scooter assistance by a qualified technician

Wheelchair or Scooter Assistance

Wheelchair or Scooter Assistance

If you’re away from home and you need wheelchair or scooter help, we’ll coordinate and dispatch a qualified technician to assist you with a solution. We won’t leave you stranded or alone.

We'll help you change your flat tire

Flat Tire Assistance

Flat Tire Assistance

If you have a flat; we’ll change it for you and install your inflated spare. But even if your spare is flat or you have two flats we got you covered. We will send a tow truck to tow your vehicle and get it repaired.

we help provide tire repair or replacement if needed

Tire Hazard Repair & Replacement Benefit

Tire Repair & Replacement

Sometimes you don’t just have a flat but your wheel is actually damaged. This is a flat due to a road hazard. In this case, we will pay up to $25 to repair the damaged tire. If the damaged tire is not repairable, we will reimburse you up to $150 for a brand-new one.

we will tow your vehicle when needed

Towing Service

Towing Service

When your vehicle is disabled due to mechanical breakdown, we will tow it to the nearest service facility of your choice up to up to 100 miles of service. Additional expense will be your responsibility to pay to the towing provider.

For our Family Plan, coverage for up to 3 vehicles, renew for only $209! A savings of $140!

Proud Partners

mobility roadside assistance is a proud partner with Revability
mobility roadside assistance is a proud partner with NuMotion
mobility roadside assistance is a proud partner with AmsVans
mobility roadside assistance is a proud partner with Harmar lifts

You can trust us to be there for you just like tens of thousands of other mobility challenged drivers do!

More than a tow truck

I had an experience with 2 flat tires at the same time. I had a spare for one but not the other. I called Mobility Roadside Assistance, that I had purchased a contract from in March of 2014, never expecting I’d have to use the service. I explained my dilemma to the operator at Mobility Roadside and he asked me if I was alright and if I needed any other help than my tires fixed. I explained I was in my wheelchair and had my wife and son with me. The company called a accessible transportation company and they picked us up at the same time the tow truck took our vehicle to a tire shop within 10 miles of where we were. The van dropped us off at the tire store and everything was paid for by Mobility Roadside. We were back on the road within 2 hours all told, happy that we had decided to purchase the roadside contract.

-Bob G

Always there for you

While in Ohio area we had two occasions to use Mobility Roadside. One was for a mechanical issue with our starter.

A tow truck was dispatched by Mobility Roadside to tow our unit to the nearest repair facility and a van to pick us up since one of our passengers uses a wheelchair. The tow truck and the van got there within 15 minutes of each other, the work was completed and we got back on the road, in a couple of hours.

Once we picked up our uncle in Indiana, and were driving back home to Seattle, we then had a suspension problem with our van. Again we called Mobility Roadside and they dispatched a tow truck and an accessible van to take us to a local dealership for repairs. They got us back on the road again within 4 hours and had no more problems traveling across states on our way home.

-Doug S

More than you expect

I am a paraplegic and I got the towing fully expecting that I would never have to use it. Well in March I had a blowout on the interstate. When we called Mobility Roadside Assistance for assistance, I explained that I’m in a wheelchair and I was with my wife and son.

They sent a tow truck and accessible transportation, coordinated the whole thing and delivered all of us safely to a tire store. Everything was taken care of by Mobility Roadside including the the repair of our tire and we were back on the road within 2 hours.

-B Gibbs

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