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Our Story

Mobility Roadside Assistance™ began because of a discovered need in 2013.

Making a visit to the VA Hospital in Seattle, Jim (President of Mobility Roadside Assistance) was sitting next to a gentleman in a wheelchair who was missing his right arm and leg. He got into conversation and found out he lost them in Desert Storm in the early 90’s.

They got to talking about their work, and Jim told him he was in the “Emergency Roadside” business. Right away he shared that he had used a service like that a few weeks before, and it worked fine picking up his van, except it left him on the side of the road.

Jim was stunned by this.

The veteran stated he had to wait for his wife to come pick him up after a of couple hours. Luckily, he was able to make it to a safe place in business area nearby in his power wheelchair.

When the veteran left for his appointment, another gentleman sitting just across from them in his wheelchair had overheard their conversation and said that this was one of his greatest fears. He was concerned about his young family. He could take care of himself, but what about his wife a three children?

These interactions got Jim to researching for something that would help veterans with these kinds of needs. He found nothing that could help outside of specific regional services, and knew something had to be done.

Mobility Roadside Assistance was born. We provide traditional emergency roadside services that are coordinated with adaptive transportation and cover all of the United States and Canada.

We are continuing to grow and add value to our service, and look forward to continuing to find ways to create peace of mind for those with adaptive transportation needs and their families.

We don’t want anyone to be left on the side of the road.

Roadside Assistance Services

paratransit assistance for occupants of a disabled vehicle

Paratransit Assistance

Transportation may be provided to the occupants of a disabled vehicle. Maximum transportation benefit includes 25-mile distance without charge.

towing service for your vehicle

Towing Service

When your vehicle is disabled due to mechanical breakdown, we will tow it to the nearest service facility of your choice up to up to 100 miles of service. Additional expense will be your responsibility to pay to the towing provider.
wheelchair assistance for your mobility device

Wheelchair Assistance

If you are away from home and your mobility device stops working, we will coordinate and dispatch a qualified technician to assist with a solution. Parts and labor are the responsibility of the member.

And much more

From towing services and wheelchair assistance, to lockout services and tire repairs, our Emergency & Paratransit coverage offers a wide range of services to ensure you are never without help when you need it.

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