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Coverage for you and your passengers

Adaptive Assistance

  • Accessible transportation (25 Miles)
  • Lift and Ramp Technical assistance    
  • Wheelchair or Scooter Assistance

Coverage Details

Accessible Transportation

You will not be left stranded if your vehicle breaks down for any reason, anywhere and at anytime. No more calling someone to help far away or late at night. We have you covered and will coordinate accessible transportation to your location.  You, your passengers and your equipment will be transported somewhere safe … even if it’s 25 miles away, without charge.


Lift and Ramp Service

If your lift gate or ramp stops functioning or functions badly, we’ll send a technician to your location to help. If that isn’t possible, we will arrange a phone consultation. We use technical assistance from local dealers or if a dealer can’t, authorized service professionals to protect your equipment warrantees. If you’re away from home and you need wheelchair or scooter help, we’ll coordinate and dispatch a qualified technician to assist you with a solution. We won’t leave you stranded or alone.




Client Testimonials

I am a paraplegic and I got the towing fully expecting that I would never have to use it. Well in March I had a blowout on the interstate. When we called Mobility Roadside Assistance for assistance, I explained that I’m in a wheelchair and I was with my wife and son.

They sent a tow truck and paratransit assistance, coordinated the whole thing…

-B. Gibbs

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