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Mobility Roadside Assistance is excited to announce the MRA Front Door Challenge!

The MRA Front Door Challenge is a social media campaign created to produce courage and solidarity in our communities during this period of social distancing because of COVID-19.  While we are all stuck indoors, separated from our friends, family members, and regular routines, our minds can easily dwell on what is negative and fearful which produces stress and anxiety over things we cannot control.  What we can do is recognize the fear that is holding us back and decide to replace it with a mindset of courage.  While most of us should not be leaving our homes, we can still open our front doors to see the wider worlds again, and focus on the goals we want to accomplish after this crisis.


How do you take the MRA Front Door Challenge? 

1. Find your fear – Take a look into your heart. What are the fears that have turned in to consistent worries and anxieties that you have let dominate your thinking for too long.
2. Press Record –  All you need to do is grab your phone and roll (or step) up to your open front door. Then press record.
3. Share you fear – Now speak out your fear as you go through the doorway. You can say “Today I am dealing with the fear of ______”. Saying your fear out loud exposes it, creating the ability to let it go.  Disclaimer: if you don’t have a front door you feel comfortable using or can’t speak out your fear, you can write it on a piece of paper, flipping it over with your statement of courage on the back. 
4. Replace your fear with courage – What statement of courage do you commit to replace your fear with? “…but today I chose to _______.” Look out your door and take a deep breath of fresh air!
5. Share your video or pictures on social media and tag #MRAFrontDoorChallenge and challenge 3 friends to do the same!
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