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We provide roadside assistance that picks you up too... even if you're in a wheelchair.

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Being left behind is a regular occurrence for people in wheelchairs when their vehicle breaks down. This is a deep frustration and fear for many people, but now there is peace of mind knowing Mobility Roadside will always be there to pick you up. Our mission is to restore dignity to the 85 million with mobility challenges in the USA & Canada.

Who is MRA for?

We are proud to provide roadside assistance that is adapted to the needs of anyone that either struggles to get into a tow truck, wants the convenience of riding in a separate vehicle, or who travel with more than two people. 

How does it work?

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, we send both a tow truck and a transport vehicle that can fit the unique needs of any passenger or group of up to 11… even if they’re in a wheelchair!

Who are our Members?

Our members are people who are disabled, seniors, caregivers, along with families who need to transport over two people. We are also proud and honored to serve many disabled veterans.

Monthly Coverage Options


Adaptive™ Basic

  • Accessible Transportation (up to 10 Miles)
  • Towing Services (up to 25 miles)
  • Lift and Ramp Service
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Battery Service
  • Emergency Fuel
  • Lost Key/Lockout Assistance

Adaptive™ PLUS

  • Accessible Transportation (up to 15 Miles)
  • Towing Services (up to 50 Miles)
  • Lift and Ramp Service
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Battery Service
  • Emergency Fuel
  • Lost Key/Lockout Assistance
  • Tire Hazard Repair & Replacement
  • Auto Repair Reimbursement (20%, up to $500)

Adaptive™ premium

  • Accessible Transportation (up to 25 Miles)
  • Towing Services (up to 100 Miles)
  • Lift and Ramp Service
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Battery Service
  • Emergency Fuel
  • Lost Key/Lockout Assistance
  • Tire Hazard Repair & Replacement
  • Winching/Vehicle Extraction
  • Auto Repair Reimbursement (30%, up to $500)
  • $0 Co-Pay

Adaptive Family

Do you have more than one vehicle? Consider Adaptive Family – Yearly Coverage

Adaptive Family is designed for families that want towing and accessible transportation for themselves and their family members and covers up to 3 vehicles.

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Already have towing or don’t drive? Consider Adaptive Assistance – Yearly Coverage

Adaptive Assistance is designed for mobility challenged travelers who currently have towing coverage but no transportation arranged. Adaptive Assistance covers the transportation of you and your fellow passengers to safety for up to 25 miles at no charge.

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Finally, roadside assistance that is SAFE and CONVENIENT! 

30 days money back satisfaction guaranteed

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Mobility Roadside Assistance™ is proud to offer the first service to cover both the United States and Canada with a roadside assistance program that focuses specifically on the needs of drivers with physical disabilities, not just the disabled vehicle.

Mobility Roadside Assistance™ provides peace of mind through full-service roadside assistance, including accessible transportation pick-up, for mobility challenged people, their families, vehicles, and equipment.


Our Mission:

Mobility Roadside Assistance™ provides peace of mind through emergency and accessible transportation services for mobility challenged people, their passengers, vehicle, and equipment.


Client Testimonials

My son and I were on a road trip to drop him off to his new college in Utah, when I had my experience with Mobility Roadside Assistance. I was 61 miles east of Austin, NV on Highway 50. My van developed a problem with the engine. I had turned around knowing that the next town east was over 75 miles away and that the nearest was behind me in Austin. There was no cell service with my phone and my son flagged a truck down from a mining company working in the area. He let us use his cell to call…
-Alan P

I could not have been more pleased with the service I got from Mobility Roadside Service. They directed a tow unit to our location in North Idaho, when we ran out of fuel. I felt foolish having to call for such a thing, but I did remember I had an Roadside contract. The tow truck brought me $10.00 worth of fuel and then helped me get my van started which took considerable time for some reason. I paid the tow truck driver for the fuel with a $20 and told him to keep the change and have a beer on …
-Mike H

I ran my van into the median and could not get out of my van due to the mud and water soaked ground I was stuck in and because I was in my wheelchair. The state trooper wanted to call someone he knew to come and get me out of my predicament, and pull me back on the highway. He told me it was going to cost a few hundred dollars and I remembered I had the Mobility Emergency Roadside contract. I called them instead, told them my issues and they dispatched a tow truck that got to me within 20 minutes…
-Bunny F

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